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SSC-CGL and Bank PO


SSC-CGL and Bank PO

Having a robust vocabulary is the building block for success and thus in association with VoLT, we have launched vocabulary courses for various segments.

Benefits of Improvised Vocabulary

  1. Improves Reading Comprehension

  2. Improve confidence in Public Speaking

  3. Adds richness to speech

  4. Important for Language Development

  5. Results in communicating ideas in a better manner

  6. Occupational Success


  • 800+ Exam Specific Vocabulary words

  • Words segregated Level wise and Topic wise

  • Words chosen by analysing past 25 year papers

  • More than 16+ hours of video content

  • Visual Learning using GIFs and Images.

  • Psychological proven memory techniques

  • Used by 15000+ students including All India Rankers

  • Featured in Hindustan Times / India Today etc