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An activity from Easy Learning to Better Brain Development!!!

Flashcards are great for memorization. It helps children improve their knowledge and ability to understand and improve visual memory. Kids lack focus and thus flashcards craft it easier to provide small pieces of information in an unforgettable and fascinating way.

Benefits of Flashcards

  • Engage Active Recollection

  • Utilize Metacognition

  • Ease up entire learning procedure

  • Versatile


  • 30 Flash Cards in each variety pack with Collaborative Learning.

  • Activities with engagement from Parent/Teacher.

  • Activities for children of all age group including Games, Rhyme, Song, Drawing, Quiz etc.

  • Multiple time reusable Cards.

  • One Picture Puzzle.

  • Good Quality, Multicolour Printing on 300 GSM Paper with mat lamination.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What all kind of activities would be included?

      Ans. It will include games, rhyme, spell maze, picture puzzle, drawing, art and craft, quiz etc

  • Which age group can use these flashcards?

      Ans.We have flashcards from 2-6 years of age group

  • Are these flashcards reusable?

      Ans. Yes, you have to use sketch pen to write or draw and wet cotton to erase. Cards are with mat lamination and thus durable.

  • How many cards are included in the pack?

      Ans. We have total 30 varieties of flash cards and each variety pack contains 30 cards out of which 18 cards are topic related and 12 cards are activity based.

  • In how many days can we receive from the date of ordering?

      Ans.It will generally take 7-10 days to reach your destination keeping all other factors and situation normal.

  • Is there any refund policy?

      Ans.In case of any defect, we will accept the product and will refund amount.

  • How can we purchase flashcards?

      Ans.You can make online payment to buy our product or can contact our team.

  • What is the weight of one box of flash card?

      Ans.It’s 150 Grams.

  • What Is the size of flash card ?

      Ans.The Box Size is Length - 13.5 Cm, Width - 10.7 Cm and Thickness - 3 Cm while Card Size is Length - 10 Cm and Width - 7 Cm