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Homeschooling is not a new concept, its already in trend in western countries and metro cities of India where parents prefer to teach their kindergarten kid at home only under their guidance. This trend mostly exist for Kindergarten students because of safety concern and at the same time as 90% brain develops till 6 years of age and so parents sometimes don’t rely on outside resource.

Benefits of Homeschooling

  1. Control of child’s education

  2. One-on-one instructions and student-paced learning

  3. Research suggests that homeschooling is resulting in higher scores

That’s the reason, we decided to launch a cost effective program “Home Schooling”. The research shows that it’s difficult for kids to comprehend all the information at once and thus this model won’t be 100% Online.

What Parents would get?

  • Hard Copy Tutorial and Workbooks for Students

  • Offline Video Support providing flexibility of time for Parents and Zero On Screen Time for Kids

  • Activity Support to develop Fine Motor Skills and Gross Motor Skills

  • Experiential Learning to sharpen Visual, Auditory and Kinaesthetic Senses.

  • 4 Capsule Course of 6 days each worth Rs.999/- each with E-Certificate(On Quarterly Basis)

    • Communication Skill and Personality Development

    • Dining Etiquettes and Table Manner

    • Origami and Art & Craft

    • Fun with Numbers

  • Assessment (Thrice a Year)

  • Student Growth Chart (Marksheet)

  • 4 Parenting Sessions (On Quarterly Basis)

  • Monthly Planners for Systematic Teaching

  • Counseling by Child Psychologist on pre-appointment

Features of Tutorial Books

  • Based on collaborative learning.

  • Learning objective on every sheet of tutorial

  • Activity based tutorial to develop Fine Motor Skills and Gross Motor Skills

  • Multicolor Printing on Good Quality Art paper.

  • Colorful images used to make it interesting for children.

  • Curriculum covering syllabus of whole year.

Features of Workbooks

  • Based on latest NCERT Guidelines

  • Based on collaborative learning.

  • Topic wise worksheets with synchronized Curriculum.

  • Instructions for Parents/Teachers on each worksheet.

  • Time Saving : No need to make dots, write or draw anything

  • Cheque perforated for optional easy tearing & single usage.

  • Curriculum covering syllabus of whole year.

  • Good Quality, Multicolour Printing on 95 GSM Paper.

Kit Includes

  • English Tutorial

  • Mathematics Tutorial

  • Hindi Tutorial

  • Rhyme (English, Hindi and Stories)

  • Kids Bioscope (GK)

  • English Workbook

  • Mathematics Workbook

  • Hindi Workbook

  • Drawing Art & Craft

Features of Mobile App

  • Student Profile

  • Monthly Planners

  • Assignments (Image and Video)

  • Home Work Submission

  • Circular / Messages

  • Calendar

  • Gallery (Photos and Videos)

  • Query Resolution

Frequently Asked Questions

  • In what format will we receive the kit / study material?

      Ans. It will be in hard copy material delivered to you at your doorstep.

  • How will we get to know about course delivery?

      Ans. We will provide you Monthly Planners including day wise worksheets and activities need to be done

  • Will we get any support regarding curriculum which we will receive?

      Ans. We will provide you instructional videos for every topic mentioned in worksheet

  • Apart from curriculum will we receive any kind of activity for overall development?

      Ans. You will be receiving videos of activity, rhyme and storytelling as mentioned in our Planners.

  • How will we access the video links provided by you?

      Ans.We will provide you login id and password of your account on our app through which you can access all the material.

  • Will videos would be in Online or Offline mode?

      Ans.Our Worksheet Instructional Video and Activity Video will be in Offline Mode for your flexibility and for repetitive access.

  • What support will we get in academics and assessment?

      Ans.Our Academic Team provides regular feedback on the basis of homework submission done by you. We will also conduct assessment thrice a year.

  • As a Parent, will our student receive any report card?

      Ans.Yes we will conduct assessment on regular intervals and will provide student growth report card at the end of the session.

  • What’s the procedure of payment and in how many installments?

      Ans.You have to make onetime payment in online mode.