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Kindergarten Books



The curriculum is designed to give children a strong foundation in the skills and academic excellence that will be needed to enter regular school.

The curriculum includes both Tutorial and Workbooks. Tutorial books are basically the reading books while workbooks are practice books and thus our curriculum doesn’t require any copies. Our curriculum is entirely based on latest NCERT Guidelines

Features of Tutorial Books

  • Based on collaborative learning.

  • Learning objective on every sheet of tutorial

  • Activity based tutorial to develop Fine Motor Skills and Gross Motor Skills

  • Multicolor Printing on Good Quality Art paper.

  • Colorful images used to make it interesting for children.

  • Curriculum covering syllabus of whole year.

Features of Workbooks

  • Based on collaborative learning.

  • Topic wise worksheets with synchronized Curriculum.

  • Instructions for Parents/Teachers on each worksheet.

  • Time Saving : No need to make dots, write or draw anything

  • Cheque perforated for optional easy tearing & single usage.

  • Curriculum covering syllabus of whole year.

  • Good Quality, Multicolour Printing on 95 GSM Paper.

Kit Includes

  • English Tutorial

  • Mathematics Tutorial

  • Hindi Tutorial

  • Rhyme (English, Hindi and Stories)

  • Kids Bioscope (GK)

  • General Knowledge Workbook

  • English Workbook

  • Mathematics Workbook

  • Hindi Workbook

  • Drawing Art & Craft